Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I am writing this blog because I felt it could help foreigners change their opinion because a friend from Spain told me what some Indian girls are writing (bad) about Indian men. It's sad that for some people every other is being blamed or his ethics are being questioned. So many foreigners already have prejudice for Indians and these girls are making it worse for them. 
Here, I am presenting view of a Russian writer, Maria Arbatova, who married an Indian
and who thinks "Best grooms are from India". I am also presenting a fact from her post: around 25-30 Indians married Russians in Moscow last year and it has been same for past ten years. I am here also presenting some facts where Indians married foreigners. I, myself, when young wanted to marry a girl from Philippines. However, she chose to marry her friend who was an Indian doctor working in Libya. Now I love a girl from Spain, and I want to marry her.

Recently I was talking with a friend and I read many articles that revolve around a general preconceived opinion about Indians by foreigners (specially by some women for considering love relationship or marriage prospects). I would say it's not prejudice but is a false notion that they believe because of what they read or hear. I sometimes laugh when I hear even Indian men or women talking bad about Indian men. I just smile and laugh when someone says, " Indian men are egoistic, narrow minded, with dirty thoughts etc." Those who say such things forget that MEN or WOMEN whether good or bad can be found anywhere on the earth. It's rather very unfortunate and a very big negative statement to say such things for male population of a whole nation. The fact that some Indian girls too themselves say this to their female or male friends abroad, makes me think what is going on in their minds? Either such girls are jilted lovers or the have faced some bad experience with a few Indian men or boys. The fact remains true there are good and bad people in society, there are pervert & criminals and there are sweet people like angels too.

I am here, not arguing or putting my opinion for others to believe, rather here I am trying to put some facts in front of others to open their eyes.

Here is a video on youtube showing a foreigner marrying an Indian in traditional Indian way. Click on this link. FOREIGNER MARRYING INDIAN VIDEO

Those who say "Beware of an Indian, never sleep with him. Always have a background check. They may say they want to marry but later would chicken out etc." for all those such people I am telling you, go to any part of the world you will find two sets of men 1) Sweet, loving, caring men who wants to be with their beloved forever . 2) Men who want to be sweet loving caring just to bring their girl in bed and would leave later. So such people who say these TRASH/CRAP things remember, you yourself have to be aware of such men. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.

Now for the part which says "Indian men would say they want to marry but later would chicken out"; I am presenting you some facts that I have collected from internet. HAVE A LOOK & OPEN UP YOUR EYES.


Read some facts that I collected from different discussion forums.
There are many faces of Indian society, men and parents. Some are moderate and liberal, some are conservative and some are mix while many are orthodox. Parents can also play a major role in mixed marriages, their opinion, acceptance could be very important in the couple getting married and living happily ever after or just breaking off. I have come across many couples who have married Indians and are very happy in more than two to three decades of marriage. It is not surprising that so many Asian tourists mainly Japanese marry Indians and settled here permanently. Once, I saw an article in a magazine some 7-8years before it was published in a magazine around and covered story of twenty (20) such Indo Japanese couples. I find that it's very nice and loving to have mixed marriages of different cultures. Is it not ?